About Us

About BBF


Lions Clubs is a more than hundred years old social organization, which helps the world in need. It has approximately 1,368,455 members worldwide and approximate 2598 members in our district 3234D1.

UdyogSinha, the literal meaning is Lions In Business, is a social platform developed by Lions Club Kolhapur Rajarampuri, to bring together all Lions Members, who are entrepreneurs of any sort. It might be manufacturing unit, advertising unit, travel sector, construction, service sector or any type of business/Service, if you are a lion Member and you have something to offer in the form of business/service, then you are a UdyogSinha. This is a great opportunity for those members also, who have small scale industries or home based units/business, as a readymade platform is provided here for their products.

Here, we proudly offer platform to present our businesses across the spectrum of all Lions Clubs. Here Lions can connect with other Lions, share news and information and develop business relationships.

In doing so, we develop a great sense of businessmanship with all those lions counterparts, with whom we were doing social services till now.

To serve the nation, we have to become strong individually, and this is the vision of this endeavor.

Why Join Us

As a lions club member, we were, we are and we will be serving the society together, but do we have to limit ourselves only to this concept? no, we can go beyond that. To serve the community, we cannot deny that we need finance, and if, as lions members, we can help each other to generate opportunities, then our organization too gets stronger and we can serve the humanity better. This is the one and only reason to get attached to this movement.


Our Mission

Bring all the lions in businesses together to create opportunities .


Our Vision

वसुधैव कुटुंबकम ! Spread this movement worldwide.